Monday, August 18, 2014

spread joy with fabulous colours and happy patterns

the gargoyle, the bobbaloos and the juice

Three years ago I bought the fantastic strawberry shirt. Which initially brought not only me but the people I met a lot of joy. It was a truly happiness instigating kind of shirt.

At least until it turned out the soft, stretchy cotton jersey fabric went inelastic after following the washing instructions. I know, I could should have made a complaint in the shop but I didn't. Instead I wore it very rarely, because it was simply too uncomfortable and restraining. Which was a pity since it's a beautiful happy garment that screams "flaunt me!".

So as much as it pained me I recently decided to sell it, preferably to someone considerably smaller than me so the shirt could flow like a tunic instead of a tight fitting shirt. It now lives with and is worn by the pug named Malte's owner and (according to my mum) she looks lovely in it. The strawberry shirt/tunic was worn to a birthday party recently which both children and grown-ups attended and everyone loved it. The grown-ups thought it was lovely and the children were borderline exstatic. Especially one little disabled girl who was completely mesmerized by the pretty, colourful strawberry and clouds piece.

This made me well chuffed to hear. As much as I miss having it in my wardrobe I'm not exactly lacking in the clothes to wear department, ahem. And hearing about it making both wearer and others that joyful, well it even makes me a bit teary eyed.

It also makes me think about the fact that so many too many people wear black and overall boring, unobtrusive colours, anti-colours - example of the kind of people I feel I'm living in a parallell universe to. When in fact that never make anyone happy, neither the wearer nor the people crossing its path. Spreading light and happiness in an unpretentious everyday way can be so simple, wear something colourful and smashing. And possibly with a fabulous pattern.

With the strawberry shirt now off to a new home I can at least be very very grateful for a grand kind of carrot cardigan to wear.

So what are you going to wear tomorrow?

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CrimsonAnna said...

Something happy and nerdy/geeky, since I'll be celebrating my favorite bookstore. Probably a nice t-hsirt, skirt and brightly colored tights. And maybe a dragon brooch in green.

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