Friday, August 15, 2014

how many bobbaloos fit in a biodegradable bamboo cup?

bio-degradable bamboo cups

Don't need any more cups or plates or glasses or bowls, my kitchen cupboards are overflowing (despite having cleansed them, and hopefully made charity shops happy). Still getting them as photo props now and then is of course essential. Or if something is really special, interesting and new, then a purchase is made.

Like if you find a cup made from bamboo, which's biodegradable and pleasing to the eye. This one I picked up at a museum shop recently. Enjoyed its caffe latte-cup design, colour and obviously material. From Danish company Nordal

Doubt I'll be having any hot drinks in it though, too small for my liking of tea cups, but the biodegradability intrigues me and it'll look great as a vase.

So how many bobbaloos does the cup have room for? Care to guess?

bio-degradable bamboo cups

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