Friday, August 29, 2014

the silly littering season

the animal party poster

Also known as election in Sweden-time. Gosh, I truly loath election campaign posters - above one not included in that hate though, it's the Animal Party's poster, it's darling and a much needed party in politics obviously. For all the innocent voices that can't make themselves heard.

But for the rest, here's my reasons for loath

the silly littering season

a) the ridiculous amount of money (millions) spent on them could have gone to something decent and world improving. It's about high time politicians and public sector employees in charge treated public finances as if it were there their own personal money. This devil-may-care attitude with vast amounts of money is both maddening and scary.

b) you will not get anyone to change an opinion or vote for your party due to campaign posters. For that they will have to be extremly clever and unique. Which brings us to the next point... >

c) the slogans and copy is most often of embarrassingly low quality. Someone has gotten paid for coming up with all this stupidity. Someone has approved it. Facepalm.

d) not only a complete waste of money, it's also a waste of paper AND littering of a blatant, appalling kind. Every election the same thing happen - apparently campaign workers who eagerly put the rubbish up haven't got the energy or inclination to take them down and put them in a recycle bin.

e) this year (especially from the right wing parties) there's a spiteful and predjudical tendency of playing the blame game with atrocity propaganda. Also on said posters.

Ridiculous and laughable, there are indeed reasons for disgust of politicians. Hey stupid, I'm not the least bit interested in what you think the other phalanx MIGHT do, I'm only interested in what YOU can do better. Newsflash: There's a vast difference between mindless mudthrowing and the meeting of arguments with facts in a debate. Yes, the foolishness of politicians can indeed be ungraspable...

If possible I would vote for the party that doesn't have any campaign posters. As if.

Can't wait for the election to be over (September 14).
Can't wait for a new government to step in after 8 years of abusive leadership which has most effectively dismantled the welfare society turning Sweden into a cold, harsh, uncaring society to live in. Can't wait for a more environmental and gender equality progressive, animal and human friendly government to be installed.
Because that's desperately needed.
Whilst campaign posters are not.

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