Thursday, August 21, 2014

on happiness, meaningfulness and colours

the importance of colour matching your food

Five articles with readworthy content. All revolving around happiness, meaningfulness and hope. All of which I think most of us can related to in one way or another. And of course learn and be inspired from.

:: Stop worrying so much and engage, real trumps perfect - in work and life both I'd say

:: There's more to life than happiness - not sure I agree with the conclusions in this article, I find them a tad strained somehow. For me happiness AND meaningfulness should go hand in hand. But I suppose that's what most of us strive for, and while working on that I do not see a problem with appreciating things and experiences in our everyday life that makes us happy. Inlcuding the silly, possibly superficial matters. Which the next articles talks more about...

:: Engage with life and happiness will follow - there's a difference between short-lived and long-term happiness, how to achieve one or the other

:: 11 ways young people have influenced the climate debate - so much hope here...

:: 9 things successful people will not do - or rather how emotionally intelligent people act and react

And yes, bonus information du jour - the importance of colour matching your food. Good food and good colours, that's certainly ALWAYS something to be happy about.

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