Thursday, August 14, 2014

the colourful life of prosit

pink and orange at prosit

One thing I most adamantly practise everyday at work is the importance of surrounding yourself with beauty and inspiration. And that really doesn't have to be anything flash and grand - and living in a house that is very much more chaos than grandness overall, that's not even possible. But at least the office is a calm haven. And I need both - because the beauty is most often found in the details. Of course. But not obvious to everyone.

So today, on a day when I'm still in the claws of the cold - really, how much snot does one head contain? And is there no limit to the amount of coughs in one day? Plus, how long of a holiday have Mr Scent and Ms Taste decided to take? Not to mention, earblockage due to swollen membranes what is that good for? - but still needed to get work done, I enjoyed the small things of prettiness and colour. Like

  • a large glass of fresh ginger and carrot juice ie orange in pink
  • the fact that a new project system I'll be working with has a very pink name
  • that I found some pink paperclips in my pink office that are heartshaped
  • that when I was to sit down in my very pink, favourite garden chair to drink my juice and read the user guide for the new project system with a very pink name a prosit sister (red in genetics but orange/ginger to the eye) came to my aid. Because clearly you can never have too many helping paws
  • nor too much pink or orange in your life
  • or heart shaped matters
pink and orange at prosit

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