Thursday, August 28, 2014

summer cupcake with a view

sthlm eating

Sitting in this armchair, at this cafe, with this view, having this soy latte accompanied by a summer muffin - also known as cupcake apparently, the frosting was strawberry and the muffin itself bursting with lovely cardamom and almond flakes - was a simple yet blissful and comforting moment in one of the last shivering days of summer.

The last shivering days of a month that has been an overall, mainly disappointing and sadly lousy month for a whole lot of reasons. Which makes me really blue, for a whole lot of reasons. Some times it is difficult to hold on to hope and convictions, no matter how truly, madly, deeply true they are.

And when that's the case it's also hard to be open to other paths and opportunities. As well as seeing the good things that have happened too. Right now, at this moment in time, blue is the colour. That too will change, this too shall pass. And there will be rainbows and silver linings, there will be pink roses and probably unicorns too.

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