Sunday, August 17, 2014

have a cup of tea served with wisdom

tea with wisdom

However did we find wisdom in life before teabags came with wise words? Two good things in one. To be honest though, when it comes to this organic tea from Shoti Maa called (brace yourself) 'Emotional detox' it was the pretty packaging (and not the name, mind you) that called my name. But it turned out to sadly be one of those times when the content isn't nearly as good as the packaging promises.

Not my cup of tea flavourwise. But I enjoy a bit of wisdom now and then - so here are the latest two quotes from my tea -
"Do first what is necessary, then what is possible. And then suddenly you manage the impossible."
"Your feeling at night is the fruit of the flower of the day"
Yes they're both a bit sappy. And clichés, still they ring a certain bell (like many clichés do). Wouldn't mind having them as guiding lights for the week to come actually. So much that need to happen now. And then I'm not only talking about saying bye bye to a certain persistent cold (seriously, enough now). Definitely more of 'well hello there awesome things, can I give you a hug?!'. Let the tea guide you.

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