Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10 inspirational articles and a meet cute

cats dogs shoes

Time to give you a bunch of for different reasons read-worthy articles (old and new). And since only words and links are rather boring, the spice and bonus du jour; today's meet cute pug vs brit. The topics are from one end to the other, from the deep and truly troublesome to the light and silly. Because that's how my brain works.

cats dogs shoes

:: 10 habits of people who follow their dreams - inspirational, go forth and catch your dream!

:: When humans started to make art their personalities got gentler (this is when testosterone was reduced...)

:: 8 ways climate change is making the world a more dangerous place - heartbreaking and yet too many turn a blind eye, make crazy daily choices, living in a way that makes it more dangerous every day... 

:: Fabulous Moby tells it like it is - Why I'm vegan

:: Not a fan per se of selfies, but sometimes one just has to and why not make it a good snap instead of a ridiculous, boring duckfaced one? Some creative, clever tips can be found here

:: And while talking about selfies - The battle over a monkey's selfie. Common sense here should (obviously) be that a monkey trust should be set up.

:: 6 thinkers whose depressing ideas will make you feel happier - well at least in a better mood and with your philosophy cap on

:: What happens when young and old swap clothes - awesomeness

:: Just for the fun of it - 18 reasons you should date a vegetarian

:: 22 lifestyle changes that'll instantly improve your life - simple things and there is something for everyone here

cats dogs shoes

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