Sunday, August 24, 2014

why movies are better watched at home

movie inspector

What begin as "let's go to the movies and watch 'The trip to Italy'" ended with a weekend of movies on DVD/TV. Because when it rains it pours and with not being in the best of moods at the moment I prefer doing movies at home, in sofa, with snacks and as many cups of tea as I want. And toilet breaks. And cats present.

luddkolt's british shorthairs

So from snacks inspecting - you know the rule, if you eat plenty of carrots you can eat any snacks of choice, right? Right -

luddkolt's british shorthairs

to leg warming - why have only one clever leg warmer when you can have two? - and

luddkolt's british shorthairs

your own private human tummy kneading servant - the perfect way to excercise the snacks away I've heard - 

'American Hustle' - good actors, makeup and costumes but all that cleavage galore as well as entrapment completely blown out of proportions and a lifestyle that really doesn't interest me it was just a blah movie as far as I'm concerned. Only 2 of 5 thumbs up.

'Prisoners' - oh the greyness, the completely depressing settings and mileus plus one of those plots where you see how everything is connected well before the characters makes for a rather annoying experience. Another 2 of 5 thumbs.

'Blue Jasmine' - haven't watched it yet actually, but this I'm so looking forward too watch. Will update post with my views then.

luddkolt's british shorthairs

And of course, one always need a special are-you-awake-still inspector so you don't miss the impawtant bits of the movies.

You simply do not get any of this if you head to a cinema salon. Why movies are better watched at home. In general.


Rin said...

Hello there, I've just stumbled upon your blog and can I just say I love your photos and posts and just everything! There's a really nice vibe to it all which I find very positive and soothing and I hope to read more from your in the future! =D

♥ Rin from Fuurin Diary

Poppy Q said...

I love going to the movies, but I know what you mean Miss pia. Sometimes the effort of going out is too much. Being on the couch is much better. Me and miss pops are happy at home.

Julie and Poppy Q

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