Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the stockholm quiz


A pretty nifty book (in Swedish only) which is in fact a quiz on Stockholm, by photographer Jeppe Wikström. "Stockholmstestet, 2500 frågor för dig som har koll på stan" - The Stockholm test, 2500 questions for you who knows the city. Or rather think you know the city, because there are plenty of tricky questions about things I have no idea about. After reading/quizzing one does know more though. Good for the all-round knowledge in other words, always a great bonus!

The book makes for a good quiz-night, or rather many evenings, with friends. It has a little built-in and very noisy counter that you can use if you play on your own, with a friend or in two teams. But it's perfectly fine to just read the questions and skip the noise of course.

A book much appreciated by cats too. Obviously.

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