Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in 12 pictures


When the year draws to an end I thought it would be nice - if not very original - to chose one (only one) photo from every month of this past year (that was so very far from a favourite year of mine). If not a favourite year, at least one favourite photo per month, that shouldn't be so hard, right?

Above is Mr January - aka snow bouncer no 30.013 (the new computer doesn't upload/count pictures in the way that the old one did, thus I have long since lost count on how many photos have come out from this camera of mine now...)


February - Bosse, the monkey who helped with that giveaway. Because his quirky little appearance makes me smile. And smile, laughter and happiness I hope for much, much more during 2011.


March - was a many good things caught well with camera. But this chickpea soup has helped us easy peasy quick through many a desperately hungry moments over the year that passed. Easy recipes for the win.


April - too was a good month as far as photos were concerned, if little else. But these shoes, these yellow beauties made me smile, feeling confident, walking comfortable during many a day during that year. I'm hoping they will soon again.


May - difficult to chose just one photo in the month of May too. But I love these calf butts, at kosläppet. And my compassionate heart has bled a lot for animals during 2010. May 2011 be a better, eye-opening for the uncaring narrow-minded year.


June - we all need more carrots and blue skies in our lives. Amigurumi or not.


July - was the month of revisiting Berlin. It was a great month. And since it's too difficult to chose just one Berlin photo to symbolize I will chose the one I have as my screen saver. Because it symbolizes some of the truly fortunate things in 2010, the German shoe sales and the importance of good shoes to get you to good happenings quickly and from bad issues fast. And the absolute must in life, cats. Inspecting.


August - the loafie's seven year do. It was a taste blast. And a perfect reminder of the need for more party in life. To make an effort to create those party moments. To take time to celebrate the good things. Especially when life is bleak.


September - when the summer still lingered on, the month showed the importance of taking time to enjoy the company of friends and acquaintances on little day trips. I hope for 2011 to bring more such outings, in good company, with good food. The month also showed the importance of red shoes, but that's of course another post.


October - the birthday month, the month of new beginnings (in 2010 also sadly the month the snow came to town already), the month of red vacuum. May this vacuum sweep the life plate clean and ready for new beginnings. For real. For sure. For good. And yes, more red in life. And pink, of course. Always.


November - was a month of both lows and highs. Amongst the latter was yarn, M&M and the snow was oh so pretty. Yes, with yarn everything seems lighter, brighter and better. And soon there will be a new year, a lighter, brighter, oh so much better year than 2010 was.


December - has brought laughter and tears. Bitter cold, but gorgeous snowy winter views. The year ends like it begun, with a little liquorice nosed fella, with a Christmas cap and whom snow becomes. May his always curious, always confident, bouncy happy but with an endearing philosophical streak, always hungry for life (and good food) with excellent olfactory features (sniffing out the good from the bad before anyone else) personality be a beacon and inspiration for 2011.

I wish you the happiest, most prosperous,
fantastically glorious of new years!
May 2011 bring us many good things
we have wished for and then some!


Richard Lawry said...

The year in pictures is great. I always enjoy your photos

An Arkies Musings

Felis said...

Happy new year Pia and all Pia world's friends!

Tracy Markey said...

lovely pics, especially mr january!

i wish you a year of hope, health, happiness, peace and love :)

Beth said...

Happy New Year!!!

Pia K said...

thank you kindly for those lovely words, richies!

and the same to you, felis!

thanks so much, narkeymarkey:)

thank you, elizabeth!

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