Thursday, December 23, 2010

the clever cat thurs-day before christmas


On the day before Christmas Eve - which is THE day Christmas is celebrated in Sweden. If you'd like to read a rather silly and laughable summation of Swedish life including Christmas go read the Wikipedia rundown on Swedish festivities - there's cuddles, kisses and coziness in this residence.

The cats (especially the brain trust trio aka cuddle trio) are busy cleaning themselves. The loaf awaits a proper Christmas bath (which is far from a favourite thing, from his point of loaf dog view). To have a clean, nice smelling loafie in da house is so much nicer than the other option. He will also be getting a most snazzy gift that will go much better with cleanliness of fur.

And us humans, we contemplate the niceness of a Christmas cleaned house, but can't really be that bothered to make a real fuss and effort. Instead there's movie watching, yarn activities and another cup of tea. The joys of being able to spend a stress-free-no-musts-at-all Christmas just the way one want - well, if there was such a thing as a magic cleaning-and-cooking wand I'd go for it - that luxury really shouldn't be underestimated.

A tad cleaning - hallo there red vacuum - a tad cooking and I think tomorrow will be rather nice and unpretentious, like we want it to be.

A little PS to the winners of the blogoversary;
I hope you all have recieved your packages by now (yes I have gotten very nice messages from three of you, I'm so pleased you enjoyed the little gifts!) and that you liked it. My intention when asking for your favourite colours and patterns was to make something crafty myself to add to the package. Unfortunately time, energy, inspiration failed me and apart from the postcards, bookmarks, mini-cards I haven't made anything else in the packages. Handmade, special, with thoughts, but not made by me. Hopefully it'll be appreciated by you anyway, as it was by me when I found the bits of this and that to add to the give-away.

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