Sunday, December 26, 2010


golden in stockholm

Personally I always chose silver before gold. To me silver is classy, golden is tacky.

That is, when it comes to the noble metals. When it comes to moments (and competitions) golden is it. I hope the year 2011, to come in only a few days, will bring many of those moments.

2010 has been an overall - with few golden highlights of course - dispiriting and little by little heartbreaking, for me and for others, near and far. May 2011 be a golden year. For all well-deserving beings (and to heck with the rest). Because that's how my weary, melancholy heart and my frustrated, raving mind feel.


Kea said...


I hope 2011 brings you an abundance of laughter and joy and happiness and success. In other words, many "golden" moments and days! :-)

Floss said...

Thank you for those really beautiful wishes, and dare I even wish them to the un-deserving too, in the hope that a few golden moments will help them become a bit more deserving? Thanks and have a wonderful 2011, Pia.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Scotland sends very best wishes for all good things in 2001, relieving your feelings of melancholy and frustration.Here's to a golden year!

Don Cunningham said...

My chosen color for metal is, red, as in a new red car. But I am one of the the undeserving, so I'll just drool at others' new red cars. Anyway, 2010 was certainly filled with things unhappy, mean, and awful. The only reason I'm not sad to see it go is because I saw a few beautiful babies and doggies enter this world. May 2011 be more merciful and enjoyable for us all.

Åsa said...

Festligt. Vågar jag säga att jag också föredrar silver framför guld :)
Jag röstar för ett bra mycket bättre 2011 än 2010!!!


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