Wednesday, December 08, 2010

pelle and the rumpelf impersonator

Got myself some nifty new lenses for the iPhone -

the fitting still needs tweaking since the lenses somehow don't seem to fit the iPhone design as well as one would expect and think... Think it should be reasonably easy to solve the issue though, will get back on that -

played around with them a bit in poor light last evening. The fisheye-lens was a huge hit, we laughed until we cried and very close to, I dare say, wet ourselves. Fisheyeing really brings out the be... worst in you. I made a colour version of this one photo of me (yes really), but I look more than a tad tipsy rumpelf, more of a mad blotto gnome. Thus I fear it'd give you nightmares for months, at least, ahead. Black-white it is. Fell free to laugh. I'm sure we will have much fun together, me and fisheye ~

Here's a clip from the Swedish movie based on the Astrid Lindgren book "Ronja Rövardotter" (Ronia, the robber's daughter) where the little "rumpnissar" (literally "rump elves") first appear. I've searched in vain for the translation used for "rumpnisse" (sing.) and I don't have the Ronja-book in English, so rumpelf it is.


Kea said...

You can get lenses for an iPhone? It's a cell phone, right? Can you tell I don't keep up with technology? LOL. Maybe I should forget coveting cameras and go for an iPhone instead! Looks fun!

Pia K said...

i know, i thought it sounded wonderful that you could get extra lenses for a cell-phone! to be honset i skip a lot of technology too, i more of kind of stumble over stuf...:)

i recently read that the iPhone 3Gs was the most popular camera on Flickr. it's the one i have and yes it IS fun, but of course it can never (no matter how much you're photoediting) due to pixels compare to a decent SLR if you want to make paper-copies and/or blow-ups. or need a flash. but it is VERY convenient. and fun. and with the different editing apps... awesomeness.

Erica said...

How fun!

I'll see if I can find my english copy of Ronia this weekend, and get back to you on the translation for Rumpelf :-)

Pia K said...

that would be great, erica, then i don't have to pop by some english bookstore...:)

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