Saturday, December 04, 2010

red star angel bowl of sweets


M (who is a well-known giver of many strange and non-appealing as well as great gifts) gave me this bowl of sweets - with "punschpraliner" and Swedish/Finnish soft toffees called Dumle - a couple of weeks ago.

The gift was accompanied by sweet talk, the little angel who reads a book with a happy face and rosy cheeks somehow reminded him of me. Which certainly is a nice things to say. Although me, I don't see myself as neither happy faced, as much as I'd like, nor angelic. And the reading has sadly these days been a far too scarce thing. My ability to concentrate on such matters just isn't what it is when I'm in my best-mood, my happy reading mode.

The bowl has not been emptied yet. When it is I think I'll fill it with clementines instead. That scent and the scent of hyacinths are my favourite scents this time of the year. I hope little reading angel face will approve.


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