Monday, December 06, 2010

heather hues wool project


Just a few glimpses of my latest wool project. And as it will be an imminent gift I don't have to go into that whole process of explaining why I begin a new project when I have so many half or even nearly finished lying around the house. Or wait, explain to who? Defend why? I can chose my way with yarns just how I see fit. Of course. Gift or not.

So there. Yarn. Gift. New project. I adore the subduedness of the heather hues in this yarn. Close to the magic in the sock and wrist warmer yarns, but more of a natural, humble feel.

Right now the size of a midget shawl, it will grow into something more befitting for a grown up human. Something pretty. Modest yet lovable. Because despite what one might think with my love for colours, not everything need to be borderline flamboyant to get my attention and desire to create. And besides, this yarn whispers hills of Scotland. Who am I not to abide such siren calls.



Kea said...

Lovely colours, Pia! The recipient will be delighted, I'm sure. :-)

Anne said...

Oh, SO very pretty! :)

Lola Nova said...

Pia, it is stunning, I love it!

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