Friday, December 03, 2010

on the last november weekend

afternoon tea

A week ago, last Friday, after the yarn shopping there was a well-deserved (as always) afternoon tea at Ester's .

åland ferry

On Saturday we went to Åland. Certainly not the summer trip that was. I had never been to Åland during winters before. I loved it. (Apart from most things closing at 2 pm already on a Saturday...) Peaceful, pretty, unpretentious, cosy. What I have been looking at as an isolated place very likely to give one cabin fever now suddenly feels very appealing. In many aspects.




On Sunday we managed (in a very effective manner) to do not only one, or two but three Christmas fairs. Not much for the shopping, or the Christmassy feel obviously, but a tad nice and very wintry just the same.



My first time at the Konstfack (the art- craft- and design college in Stockholm) Christmas fair. Unfortunately far from overall impressed by the creative efforts of the students. Very little felt unique, too much stuff with poor finish and well, the main feel was that of daycare therapy. Which unfortunately (as is reflected in society as a whole) don't leave much room for the really gifted, well-made and unique. I did find something cute and personal though, that I'll share later.


After the Konstfack-experience we drove to Bro Glasbruk, a glassworks situated in a neighbouring suburb to mine. A unique glassworks that works only in recycled glass. Pretty awesome. Admittedly, despite being a Swede in a country famous for its glassworks and glass art, I'm very much not a fan of glass myself. Although I do appreciate the craftsmanship of course. And, needless to say, recycling.


Their floor was made of recycled glass. Which looked and felt fantastic. Though not for dogs' feet or sandals I'd imagine.


And these glasses, so very creative and pretty and worked well with hot liquids too. I did want a pair, but alas they were really expensive. Which I quite understand, though quickly made them a non-want. Ish.


The third fair we visited by coincidence as we had planned to have a peaceful and cosy Sunday fika in Sigtuna, but it turned out to be a Christmas fair day (the first Sunday of four). Jampacked with people. In that awful way I can't stand. It was a very short visit that day. We plan to return another Sunday to come. Early Christmas fairing. And fika.


The town in itself was of course pretty as usual. So very well worth a visit any time of the year. if not late on a Christmas-fair-day.


But there was snow. And sun. And gloriously picturesque views. A fine, fine round off to a rather perfect and busy weekend. And a the not so overall fine month of November.


Kea said...

Somehow you always make the simple things so wonder-full and appealing, Pia. Loved the post, though am shivering just looking at the photos. :-)

Pia K said...

well thank you kindly for thinking and saying so, kea!

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