Saturday, December 25, 2010

the christmas cap chap


One loafie will forever be known as The Carrot Cap Chap, but one or two hats doesn't make a proper headgear wardrobe to be proud of. So, apart from a couple of green bones (to chew and devour in the loaf dog speed of light) there was a most perky wool cap for Christmas for the loaf dog extraordinaire.


The simplest thing in blue, lime, orange wool, can be the cutest thing when put on a (mildly reluctant but enduring) loaf. Who turned out to be very happy about his woolly gift (yeah, right).


Of course it's not a really useful, warming, practical headgear. For photo-purposes only. But it was a nice thing to, surprisingly quick, make with some leftover yarns. And really, with all the love and attention the furry little fella gets living in this household he shouldn't complain about a few minutes posing in the snow that becomes him with a most fetching Christmas cap.




Final photo now, yes?


Kea said...

Loaf Dog looks adorable in that "hat." I hope he got treats for his photo session! :-)

Shaheen said...

So lovely.

Seasonal greetng to you Pia.

Guess what I received my give-away too. Thank you so much, it is so sweet.

P.K said...

He certainly was a good sport about the whole thing. Very cute, but don't tell him that.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Pia, little loafie is the most adorable little chap. My heart melts when I look into his eyes. His little cap fits him to a tee! I wish you and
your adorable loafie, your charming cats, a wonderful New Year.

Don Cunningham said...

My first time reading your blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed Loafie and his debacle over making mommy happy, and keeping his dignity! For the record, he should know that you don't go nearly as far amuck as many dog owners do in dressing up their babies! TC Don

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