Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the christmas weekend that was

Previous shown ingredients of Christmas in this residence shown have been; bowl of heavenly rice, the Christmas cap chap, Stockholm, and Sweden, covered in lots of snow,

many cups of tea, gnomes,


cuddly cats and such. And the writing of Christmas cards -

a tradition I have every intention to stick to come next year. Despite this year being the leanest of Christmas-cards-received year ever. I do understand people sending personalized (as personalized as non-tangible Internet and computerized stuff can be) e-cards and Christmas emails, for financial and environmental reasons. I really do.

But I have no understanding whatsoever for the useless, impersonalized mass-Christmas-emailing some do. Bad manners galore. So you guys who keep on doing that, leave me out of your mailing-list next year, okay? To get such obviously uncaring greetings only annoys me.

- and the popping by some Christmas fairs. (Where at one of them I found the most amazing second hand arm chair, most worthy of its own post one of these days).

tant brun

There have also been some nice café-visits.

And lot of yarn activities. I'm pleased to say some projects have finally been finished (with various degrees of satisfaction regarding the finished product). Some very nearly finished. At the moment kitchen table works as a craft studio (warm, cosy, center of the house, close to the kettle and fridge) and I hope to be able to finish more stuff soon. Feeling crafty and trying to make the most of the fact that it's not quite time to return to the not-so-rosy-reality yet.


december neighbourhood

There have been some winter walks in bitterly cold and pretty surroundings. During daytime and on evenings.


I got a surprise microwave (always nice for thawing and such minor stuff). My old one was 20 years old and have been crap, though still kind of working, for years. But somehow another pair of shoes always seems much nicer an investment than a new microwave. Priorities, people, priorities.


The time spent watching movies and TV-series was accompanied by yarn and my mother's "knäck" (Swedish toffee-like Christmas candy). Lovely. This year they knäck unfortunately came with the most unwelcome flatulent side effects. If I had my own thermal gas plant I would probably be set for the next year or so.

bromma blocks

We also popped by some intermediate days sales, picked up some nice things - which yes, does conflict the anti-commercialistic vs bargain-hunting side in me... - and had my first latte for ages. Overlooking the parking lot before all the hoards of shoppers arrived...

It has been a quiet (apart from loafie's constant barking on the poor birds in garden whom he doesn't think have the explicit right to be hanging around in HIS garden), unpretentious, relaxing Christmas. Good food (but no real overindulgence or very Christmassy. Apart from that Ris á la Malta then...), good company, good thoughts, good life.

bromma blocks

If I could have wished for one more thing over these days it would have been more reading of books. But sadly my mind wanders, all the time. I can't concentrate on reading books. Haven't been able to for months now. Which is a concern. Since I love my books. And since I know where this lead the last time I wasn't able to concentrate on reading. So please let this, can't-read-phase be something of the last months of 2010 only.

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Wendy said...

Have you read "The Helo" by Kathryn Stockett? I was in an anti-reading phase too but started reading this yesterday and don't want to do anything else now!
Have a lovely New Year's, Pia.

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