Monday, December 27, 2010

all i want for christmas is a bowl of heavenly rice

Post-Christmas I struggle between having lots to write about, really - the backlog, oh the backlog, because if one doesn't write about this and that immediately it just piles up. Blog-life reflects life -, writing glorious stuff in my head when I'm about to go to sleep. That in the end never, or rarely, seem to end up in blog. Alas. Oh the intellectual grandness, the superb wittiness never making it's way to blog, heartbreaking, just heartbreaking.

So today, this post will be dedicated to the one and only thing I think is important during Christmas. And you might think it's the obvious things such as the comfort of family, friends, exchanging gifts, kindness, sharing of good fortune - and you would be wrong.

Because the only thing I want for Christmas, to be truly Christmas (and I have mentioned this before, but not shown it in a pretty bowl) is, ta-da drumroll ~ Ris á la Malta


Give me a bowl of this for Christmas and I'll be perfectly happy (and quite possibly sick) for three Christmas days. Very Christmassy in Sweden. Easy peasy to make (but I always leave it to my mother to make), Christmas porridge (rice porridge/pudding), tad vanilla sugar, lots of whipped cream, traditionally served with tinned tangerines but I love mine with raspberry jammmmm...

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Kea said...

Oh, it sounds delicious! I'll have some! :-)

BTW, what kind of rice is best to make it? Just curious. I tried using a sticky rice for a rice pudding recipe (that's what it called for), but I didn't care for the texture/taste. I prefer a firmer rice, love basmati rice.

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