Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the winter solstice


Another year has passed. Winter solstice is here again. Past winter season was harsh, difficult for most all beings, horrible, colder than cold, icy, costly on so many levels, personal as well as social, and beautiful. So painfully beautiful. So far it certainly looks like this winter season will match those features.

But today is the solstice, from now on every day will be that tad lighter, each one tiny step towards warmer days and melting snow. If maybe not tomorrow, or next week, or even next month, but sooner than one knows there will be a season for sun chairs again.


I would have loved to see that total lunar eclipse this solstice morning (in Stockholm), alas it was an overcast morning, thus eclipse nowhere to be seen. Were you fortunate enough to see it? Was it nice?


Kea said...

I didn't see the lunar eclipse either, for the same reason--very heavy cloud cover.

Nonetheless, I'm thrilled we'll start getting a bit more daylight, starting tomorrow. Bring it on, let's hurry up Spring! :-)

stromsjo said...

Well phrased. Painfully beautiful it was.

Felis said...

Here have fog. But the day was warmer than yesterday, so we have icy roads and it is not very good.

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