Sunday, December 05, 2010

advent sunday winter boy


With all the white and fluffy stuff around these winter days the cats are far from keen on outdoors activities. Lounging on the window sills above the radiators, I'm forced to unfortunately have to have turned on now and then since the heat pump can't work magic when it's well below zero degrees C, are more their winter melody.

And sitting in the windows watching the frantic play of all the birds that come and eat seeds and such in garden. I caught this mild mannered Rutger boy watching me, the loaf and the camera in garden the other day. Rutger is one of those more timid felines in this multi-felined household that rarely makes a blog-appearance. He is indeed a beautiful looking British Shorthair, a gorgeous cat, blue-white, bred by undersigned, but I fear his manners are far too wimpy for his own good. His best friend is Knut, who is quite another kind of kitty character, sadly his sassy manners have not rubbed off on Rutger.

I played with the not so good picture I took of him in the window looking out into the snowy garden and even though I admittedly am not that grand a fan of playing with pictures like this, I think it turned out quite adorable. Rather the perfect winter picture to wish you all a lovely advent Sunday me thinks ~

Happy winter Sunday!


Erica said...

What a sweet-faced kitty! I would love to "meet" all of your "furbabies" as I call should do a blog post introducing them all to us :-)

Felis said...


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