Thursday, December 30, 2010

gingerbread tea


Flavoured loose teas can be such disappointments. This one was one of the non-disappointing ones. Absolutely delicious, gingerbread/snap (pepparkaka) flavoured. Spicy, wintry, Christmassy. I'm delighted to have made its acquaintance indeed.

Not only pleasing to the palate, but most pleasing to the eye too.


I found this tea at Esters The & Kaffehandel,
the place that has the most excellent afternoon tea.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh yes please - I'd love a cup of Gingerbread tea with you! And it looks wonderful as pot pourri too!
Thank you for popping by, dear Pia, it was lovely to hear from you.
Wishing you a happy 2011 - I'm sure the year will bring you much more joy and good times than the last, and i look forward to hearing all about it here!
Take care,
Denise x

Tracy Markey said...

ooh gingerbread tea! looks lovely :)

i was only allowed to look in the shop window the last time we were in stockholm! if i had gone in, i would have bankrupted us and well-exceeded our baggage limit with all of the lovely tea purchases i would have made!

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