Wednesday, December 01, 2010

on december 1st


There is lots and lots of snow here there and everywhere.

I thought it would be fun to see what I wrote on December 1st previous blogging years. So here goes;

2005 - nothing, as I was a bad bad blogger that year
2006 - Outfit Dec 1st, 2006 (apparently I was into that Today's Outfit for a while there...)
2007 - Little sleepers (aww, it's that long since I've had kittens...)
2008 - Christmas lights Stockholm
2009 - Trolls

December. Already. And all this snow. Already.


pärlbesatt said...

Nämen guuuuud, röda kattungar, det absolut sötaste som finns på jorden! Tack!

Bonnie Scotland said...

Greetings from Scotland, Pia, where we too have lots of snow. I have only just discovered your blog and enjoy catching up with your thoughts. Keep blogging!Your views of both your internal and external worlds are so worth a visit.


Bonnie Scotland

Pia K said...

haha, väl bekomme, pärlbesatt!

thank you kindly for those words, bonnie!

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