Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today I shared my first two books as part of the Bookcrossing project. Exciting that was. Yes, for quite some time now I've been meaning to share some favourite (or just plain worth reading) books through the site. I pick up second hand pocket editions when I find them at charity shops and such. My aim has been to properly register and label them via, but I've never gotten around to actually do that. Until now.

Hopefully some people who like to read will find the books, understand the idea of it all (books all labelled, with simple instructions on the cover too) and enjoy reading the books over Christmas. I very much like the notion of giving a literary Christmas experience to a stranger.

I did have plans to share a couple of books every day this week, but unfortunately I realized some remained in handbag when I got home. And it's no fun leaving them all on trains or buses.

At the moment Sweden has 6819 Bookcrossing members. Numbers which don't sound a lot compared to Australia's 33736, Canada's 42497, France's 13949, Germany's 47831, Italy's 21446, Netherland's 15685, Spain's 33684, England 78886 and of course USA's 314587. Of course those numbers of members probably reflect respective country's population numbers too.

Sweden does have about twice as many Bookcrossing members as Japan, Austria, Norway, Greece, Mexico and Ireland. And approximately the same amount as Brazil, Finland and Portugal. For some reason I find this membership-number-list quite interesting to browse. When you look at the different provinces of Sweden, two of them stand out, for unknown reasons, with over 1000 members each. Stockholm has only 378. Myself I have so far never found a Bookcrossing book anywhere here or elsewhere.

My current bookshelf at Bookcrossing can be found here. I'm now impatiently awaiting someone to register they've actually found one of my (so far five) shared books...

Are you a member of Bookcrossing? Do you enjoy it? Have you found a travelling Bookcrossing book? Was it a good read? Questions, questions, I'm curious to hear some answers...

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