Thursday, December 02, 2010

cosy cuddly torties


Siri and Sigrid, mother and daughter, two of the members of the brain trust trio aka cuddle trio, behaving in their typical-melt-one's-heart-style. The pair who sometimes share old baby chair.


And of course, even the cutest of the cute don't look their best when abruptly woken from a beauty nap. Though clever looking, always.

Bit of grooming in place. As always.

And where are the torties in this post you might wonder? Well, that's what this, their, colour is called; black tortie spotted. Interested in cat colour genetics, read more at the FIFe website


Gen said...

What a lovely ans sweet caption for a cold Sunday afternoon! I´m feeling a bit down because it´s two years today since my beloved cat Brummel passed away.

Kea said...

They're beautiful girls! And so sweet cuddled together like that. Mine never do, but of course mine aren't related, either.

P.K said...

A gorgeous duo, I love their faces in the second photo.

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