Wednesday, December 29, 2010

two kinds of siri

siri socks

From great to small matters, I am a sucker (the good kind) for details and meant-to-bes. Thus the reasons for me buying these socks (on sale) was as follow;

:: I already have a pair in another colour and they've been good.
:: the colour is a most charming one and versatile, I usually refer to it as "mole"
:: but the label calls it "otter melange"
:: I love otters. Not only because they're one of this earth's cutest creatures
:: but also because there's a little personal cat story behind the otter-thing -
:: there once was a gorgeous blue british shorthair boy named Uther. One of the most gorgeous, perfect brits I've ever met.
:: This Uther was named after Uther Pendragon, king Arthur's father. Something which an anglophile like me finds most endearing.
:: Uther the gorgeous cat sired my C-litter (I name my kittens alphabetically) in 1995. One of the kittens was the sweetest of cream boys. His name began with a C, but his owner (one of my oldest friends) thought

A) also that Uther (pronounced "utter" in Swedish) was a cute name (one which the owner of Uther above didn't call him on a daily basis, it was only his pedigree name),
B) that the Swedish spelling Utter which means just that, otter, would be the perfect everyday-name for this cream boy. Since he also turned out to be the funniest, perkiest cat epitome of an otter (he was one of the four kittens crazy about water. And son to my beloved Aurora, father of my cream sweetie Eulalia).

That creamy boy was one of the loveliest, most entertaining cats I've so far had the fortune to see grow up during those first 12 weeks in my care. He'll forever have a special place in my heart. His face had the cutest mischievous otter-teddybear look.

And there we have my reasons for getting this last pair available socks in shop. Yes, this is how my mind wanders and confer within my head. From the silliest sock-thing to more serious matters. Most all the time. Not always put to paper, or to blog, but still, it discuss and reflects, pros and cons, the reasons for why this and that is a good or bad idea.

~ Another magic moment, in a dressing room many years ago, was when I tried on a cardigan and suddenly the theme from my number one favourite movie, the most perfect of perfect "A room with a view" - the fantastic "O mio babbino caro" with Kiri te Kanawa - played in the shop. That *never* happens. The cardigan was destined for me. Naturally ~

When I got home, unwrapped the socks (from which this post stems, in case my ramblings have made you forget) I also saw that the socks were called Siri. Which of course made their moving in with me even more of destiny. Of serendipity. Which I love. Love in another way than the furry, dotty, cuddly, sweetie Siri, but still love.

siri cuddle

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Kea said...

I love those little, magical, cosmic events -- the socks and cardigan were destiny! :-D

A very happy New Year to you and all your family, Pia -- much success, love and laughter and good health in 2011!

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