Friday, December 17, 2010

winter characters


In this day and age of information and influences everywhere all the time, where it's so easy to give, borrow, steal consciously or unwittingly ideas and designs flagrantly or more subtly, it's not easy to be truly original and unique. Some more than others get thumbs up for making a good effort though. You feel you've seen it, or something very similar before, but it's endearing and sweet just the same. Not seldom due to the creator being of an unpretentious and humble nature.

That said, I'm certainly no stranger to the notion that the world may share an invisible common mind bowl of creative ideas and thoughts, when the creativeness spatter it can land and appear on different continents, in many different heads simultaneously. Whose ideas influencing who is far from always certain.

This little "set" of ceramic pieces were the only things I bought at that Konstfack (Stockholm art- craft- and design college) Christmas fair some weeks ago (which was an overall disappointing fair). Made by graphic design/illustration student Fideli Sundqvist. In a quirky characters way I've always found very appealing.

Look there are garlands, tea or coffee, lussekatter, weird beings (which may or may not be bunnies, cats, bears or people), snowballs and winter wonderland, all little details in life that makes one smile.


More of her cute work can be found in her shop ~

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