Saturday, December 11, 2010

seasonal signs

The other day I suddenly craved Christmas porridge (rice pudding). I rarely do these days, but I loved it as a child. Even if I probably would be able to make it myself, in the spirit of fond childhood memories I happily accepted my mum's offer to make a pot. I enjoyed my first bowl of it yesterday. Sprinkled with lots and lots of cinnamon, just as it should be. Lovely.

Today I enjoy the first bowl of clementines. The most common fruit eaten on Swedish public transportation this time of the year I'd say. Love the smell of citrus fruit on the bus and train. And I do very much enjoy eating them if that white thready thingy inside is of the easy peelable kind. I hope the vitamin C will cheer me up. Lots.


Kea said...

Oh, I LOVE rice pudding. The best recipe I've made so far has orange juice and orange zest in it. Yum. I must dig that out, make it over the holidays while we're off (University is closed between Xmas and New Years, of course).

BTW, the Stockholm bombing has been on the news, so I hope everyone you know is okay. I realize it's a large city, about 1.3 million (I think) and the odds of someone you know being there at that time are low, but stranger things have happened. In any case, I hope *everyone* affected will be okay!

Pia K said...

orange in rice pudding sounds heavenly, kea!

the bombing is weird, it could have turned into something really horrible, amidst the christmas shopping on a busy street. now it was all seemingly quite undramatic in a strange way. i really don't know what to think and say about it. the person that dies seem to have been a suicide bomber, the other two that were hurt bystanders that got minor injuries. it's a sad and mad world we're living in.

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