Tuesday, December 07, 2010

to learn from an odd bear


The other week when I was cleaning out stuff (to hopefully find something to donate to charity), I found this little fellow in a tin. I made him years and years ago, using cernit (polymer clay). Very popular in those days, I did enjoy it quite a lot, but my interest petered with time. I had forgotten about this tiny figures when I found Mr Little Bear again.

I do believe I made two, one darker brown bear and one lighter one, to hold each other company. Hidden in the tin was only the dark brown head (with one ear lost) and the lighter brown rotund body. I have no idea what happened to the lost parts. I think there might be a life lesson or two to be learned from this unfortunate incident -

:: You should never rely on toothpicks only, to get your head stuck onto your body. Glue, superglue, is highly recommended for that job.

:: When you think everything is lost, hope has flown away, life is in pieces, something unexpected happens, someone finds you and your now slightly mismatching body-parts and things seem a bit brighter once again.

:: Even if those parts and pieces that have been torn apart by life and unfortunate events now are that slightly mismatched, things and life might actually become better, in the long run more fulfilling, inspiring that way.

:: Tad different colour, furry or not, different diets, different walks of life, just as unique in ourselves, just as alike as every other being we are.

One ear lost, the perfect body nowhere to be found, but seen again, appreciated just like the lovable and more than slightly misfortunate clay being he is, Mr Little Bear. And now, blog post central figure model extraordinaire.


Kea said...

Beautifully put, and wonderful life lessons.

(((Hugs))) and Light.

pärlbesatt said...


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