Saturday, January 18, 2014

laughing matters


I think the articles worth reading posts are a pretty great and unpretentious way to share good readings, thoughts and inspiration. But I have been saving up a whole lot of those since last August and don't feel very inclined to look through them and sort the really special ones into a post.

Thus I will only share a few reads/photos which all either, in their own crazy ways, made me laugh until I cried or made me go all soft and mushy due to sweetness galore. Ie they're not thoughtprovoking or enlightening as such, they are simply hilarious or very endearing. And all of us need a regular dose of hilarious and/or heartwarming in our lives.

A really good laugh makes an already great day even better and gives a blue one a silver lining of light. So does sweetness. Enjoy!

~ Dog shaming - hilarious

~ Cat shaming - since cats are generally more well-behaved than dogs (well...) you might not cry just as much of laughter over this one, still great fun though

~ Big bag of gummy bears customer reviews - overdosing on sugar free candy does have a laxative effect, in case you didn't know...

~ Men and cats in similar poses - something for everyone here

~ Grandma and her odd eyed cat - precious

~ Child animal whisperers photos - magical


Unknown said...

Hi Pia,

thank you for the articels! Just the "dog shaming" doesn´t work (missing "v" at the beginning).

Marie said...

I absolutely loved the dog with a sign saying "It's 2 am. Let me sing you the song of my people". I laughed and laughed (and was glad that I lived nowhere near the dog!)

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