Monday, January 06, 2014

winds of change


So on this last day of Christmas and New year's holidays I thought it would be nice with a summary of sorts. What I have done, felt, accomplished and what I have not. See, I had big plans on cleaning, cleansing and shuffle around things and messy stuff in the house. That I have done very little of.

But what I have done/got - which always is much nicer to concentrate on, wouldn't you agree? The things we accomplish and enjoy, not our shortcomings and room for improvement-features - are;

~  enjoyed good food - and not really Christmassy food since I've never appreciated that kind of food, not only because it's terribly animal flesh concentrated per se, I don't enjoy the vegetarian version either. Not really my type of food. With some few exceptions.

~ the relaxation away from thoughts and mind revolving around work

~ the knitting and crocheting

~ the swearing over the fact that the internet/broadband really doesn't work as it's suppose to (what I pay for) - had a sneaky suspicion it was the computer singing its last tune, turned out it isn't. Tomorrow I will have to deal with that nuisance too.
~ the scent of hyacinths

~ good talks - admittedly there have been some less than good ones too. I really do not appreciate how those retrieve less than pleasant traits in me. Although life as a saint would be terribly samey and dull due to no room for improvement and growth I suppose.

~ a certain fox jacket

~ good walks - although I would have liked more of those, but weather has really not been outdoors inviting, more of indoors snugglingish. So that's alright. It has after all been lovely to snuggle.

Tomorrow the new year begins for real. And while I am right where I should be in certain aspects of my life, others really need to change. Well, I'm probably at the right place period, what I mean is that in certain areas in life I am calm and content, whilst in others I am now ready and open for a lot of change, improvement and shift of focus.

Life is bittersweet as in it is not a constant, it always urges on, we evolve and change with it. I do believe I'm at that phase in life where I can understand and fully embrace that fact. In all its bittersweetness. I hope you can too.

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