Saturday, January 25, 2014

first semla 2014

first semla 2014

Had my first semla of the season today. As it turned out to be less than nice I sadly can't say it was an enjoyable experience.

A dry (sourdough) bun and too sweet almond paste with a strange tang made me a disappointed semla eater.

From bakery and cafe Petrus - which does sell other great sourdough breads like the St Paul-loaf, rolls, cardamom buns and cakes. Plus a very tasty saffron bun around Christmas. Semla-making just isn't their strong point it seems.


Marie said...

Hee, hee ... my husband would say that this is your punishment for eating semla in January :-)

I'm not overly fond of semlor (maybe you have to grow up with them), so I usually just make a small batch of mini-semlor on fettisdag, which my Swede generally eats. I might manage one, but that's my limit. I prefer plain hot cross buns.

Unknown said...

When you have a has to be a good treat!

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