Friday, January 10, 2014

food in colour

beetroot risotto
that i immensely enjoy colours in my life is very obvious (no kiddin'), that includes food when possible. as i think food should be pleasing to the eye as well as palate. while presentation certainly isn't everything, it does count for a lot. as does colour.

last week i made a big batch of beetroot risotto. which isn't all that pleasing to the eye (granted it looks like a big, nasty chunk of minced meat in picture), but very colourful. and very tasty. and got us peeing red for the rest of the week. 

-- i'll try and link the recipe later, the day my broadband see fit to work again. until then search the blog for 'beetroot risotto' and you shall find. just remember not to dive into the risotto like poor byno did, his li'l bobbaloo face is stained for life -- edit, recipe link

i've also rekindled with blood grapefruit. amazing both for eye and palate. apparently a fruit in season now. not locally grown of course. but something perky and nice to get us through a couple of more glum scandinavian winter months.

what are your favourite colourful foods?

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