Friday, January 17, 2014

on a winter friday

winter wonderland

~ i marvelled over how pretty the winter wonderland is. every snowflake is a tiny piece of art

soy latte

~ i had a lovely soy latte and i still adore the winter design cups at espresso house

~ i had a very interesting and productive meeting, which means i will, for various reasons, spend a lot of time working this weekend. which is actually one of the things i love about running my own business - i decide how my weeks look, if i want to work on a saturday i can have a tuesday off and noone minds

eternity project shawl

~ i continue to work on the eternity shawl. i'm sure i will be very proud of myself when it's finished (at this rate, in about 10 years or so). only 178 rows to go, piece of cake

all and all a heart friday.
happy weekend one and all!


Deb Betz said...

Beautiful photo of winter !

Unknown said...

Now, that you have snow you can feel that it is truly winter. It is a beautiful picture.
Yes, working for oneself is great, any day, can be a work day or any day, can be a holiday!

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