Saturday, January 04, 2014

two woolly hats

two caps

A year ago I knitted quite a lot of hats, caps and beanies, but I never got around to the blog show and tell part. Not even sure I've uploaded to photos to Flickr actually. When I do I will blog a bit. Because they were/are quite adorable pieces. Some from pattern, some my own creations.

But for now, two hats I've made during the Christmas holidays. I may not have followed through with a lot of the things I had planned to do during these past few weeks - I totally blame the glum weather and lack of energy for that - but at least I have been busy with needles, hooks and yarn.

So apart from finishing the supersized red scarf - more of later - and the finishing touches of the Lovikka mittens I have also begun crocheting one shawl for myself (bought yarn for it three years ago ie better late than never. Although it's a lot of work for a minimal progress, seems like it's going to some kind of eternity project...), begun a scarf to order and then these two hats.

The purple one is actually a Lovikka hat, a gift for my mother. I have yet to do the finishing embroidery. And with the green winter it's no rush for that, too warm to wear anyway.

The other one, with a big pink bobble is from left over yarn from that soy-wool scarf I made a few year's back. Lovely soft yarn, winter white and blue greyish. My own creation and I thought a big pink bobble on top would be the perfect finishing touch. I will probably save it for inauguration next winter. The hat itself was a reasonably quick knit, the bobble on the other hand took well over three hours to finish. A lot of yarn went into that. And obviously a lot more work than one might think... At least when one does it by hand alone.

To begin and finish a knitting/crocheting project within a reasonable time span, there's something so utterly satisfying with that. Must. remember. that. feeling. And un-embrace the fact that I might be the queen of half finished yarn-projects.

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