Wednesday, January 01, 2014

my january first

stockholm january 1, 2014

~ cleaned the bathroom and put up that pretty bird shower curtain bought a year ago. It is lovely!

At the same time I counted to 37 bottles, jars, soaps, lotions and potions on the bath tub only. (Ie not counting all the other bottles, jars, lotions and potions pre- and post-shower.) There might be a diagnosis for that condition. I simply call it utter pleasure and indulgence. Counting 35 bottles now, I emptied two today.

~ intention was a one hour brisk walk, to start out the new year (which will be fabulous of course!) with fresh air and energy refill. It became 2,5 hours brisk walk instead. To be honest it was only pleasurable 2/3 of the distance, feeling tipsy and exhausted from all that oxygen. Though pleased I did it, a great way to set the pace and attitude for 2014 somehow.

I love how the year is still unspoilt, the road open and everything is possible. Imagine what amazing things we can achieve!

~ a soy latte and a green smoothie - which also are important ingredients of my 2014.

~ did a pedicure - as much as these feet in boots were made for walking they so deserve to be pampered and cared for regularly.

So, how was your first day of the year?

stockholm january 1, 2014

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Elephant's Child said...

What an excellent start to your year.

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