Sunday, January 05, 2014

saffron toffee

christmas saffron toffee ~ saffransknäck

This kind of toffee is a traditional Swedish sweet during Christmas. It's called "knäck" (as in "crack", but the only addictive ingredient in it would then be sugar). Few ingredients, but still pretty tricky to get just right, the perfect kind of chewiness, not to soft, not too hard. I've actually never boiled "knäck" myself, but my mum usually makes a batch every Christmas.

This year she made a vegan version, using oats-cream from Oatly instead and it turned out lovely! She also used the Oatly recipe (which you find in Swedish here) that suggested saffron would be a neat thing to flavour with. And it really really was, very nice indeed.

If you'd like to make your own "knäck", here's the recipe;

Saffron toffee (knäck)
makes 50-60 toffee moulds

3 dl caster sugar
3 dl light syrup
3 dl iMat
(Oatly oats-cream for cooking,
I'm sure you can find something similar vegan in your food store)
2 tbsp vegan butter (if the toffee is to hard after sphere-test)
2 dl parboiled/peeled/chopped almonds
1/2 package saffron

1. Stir the ingredients together in a thick-bottomed pan.
2. Let to boil and then boil on low temperature without lid for about 90-120 minutes. Stir regularly.
3. Make the "sphere-test" to determine the right sticky consistency. Drop a small sphere of the batter in a glass of cold water, remove and feel the consistency. Too soft? Let it boil some more. Too hard? Add the butter.
4. Pour the toffee into the moulds, let it cool and solidify.

Let the furry inspectors give paw of approval.
Enjoy! (But please beware that they might be hard on teeth)

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