Sunday, January 12, 2014

sunday matters

pia k stockholm

~ defrosting. the freezer (thank you snow and cold weather for that opportunity) was well well overdue for that. it took six plus hours, work and patience. but i am now a proud owner of a frost-free and clean freezer.

hopefully that'll show a bit in the next electrical bill.

~ fuming. over the fact that my broadband still isn't working at all as it should. for everything gadgety that's supposedly meant to make our lives better, improved and easier there are hours upon hours of nuisance and fuming over them not working and trying to solve problems. hours upon hours of our lives never to be seen again.

~ crocheting. one of my two major yarny projects at this moment is this above lace shawl. i bought the yarn for it 2-3 years ago, but as it isn't a pattern per se but more of an inspiration there's a lot of thought, measuring and counting that had to be done and that's not my favourite things (the measuring and counting) so i haven't gotten around to start the work until now. 

it's super sweet alpaca yarn, very delicate and i can see this shawl taking ages and ages to finish. it is so time consuming. but i'm sure it'll be a satisfying piece to have finished. one day. in a not foreseeable future alas.

~ thinking. about life and love. about ideas, dreams and visions. that some of us have them in abundance. that others have not. or at least it's seemingly  impossible to get those others to share them. and that makes me really really sad. because more often than not sharing is caring. and i don't know what's worst, to not have any ideas, dreams, visions or not being able (or willing) to mediate them. to the people that supposedly mean the most to you.

sometimes i wish i didn't have a brain that insisted on contemplating and analysing quite so much. but most of the time i do love my brain, it's a bit mad, a dash creative, a splosh inspiring, a sprinkle compassionate, a drizzle loving and overall rather fun to hang around with on a daily basis.

~ preparing. for the week to come. it's going to be brilliant.

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Elephant's Child said...

How nice to hear that you love your brain. Probably just as well, but nice to hear just the same.

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