Sunday, January 19, 2014

vegan liquorice pannacotta

vegan liquorice pannacotta

I've been meaning to try this simple and fab vegetarian pannacotta recipe I tried last year but making it vegan instead (ie not using cow-cream, but plant-cream instead). And now I've finally I gotten around to it. Wasn't sure if I should use soy cream or oats cream, but after asking about best substitute on Twitter I went for oats cream (from Oatly, called iMat - inFood, I think it might be sold udner the names Bio Cuisine or Hafer Cuisine. If the brand isn't sold in your country I'm sure you can find something equally good).

And I'm happy to say that it turned out just lovely. Only 13% fat compared to cow-cream's 40% it makes for a delightful, airy and creamy dessert.

v e g a n   l i q u o r i c e   p a n n a c o t t a
3 servings

0,75 dl jelly sugar (gelésocker)
3 dl iMat (oats cream from Oatly)
1,5 - 2 tbsp liquorice powder

whip the ingredients together in a pot. slowly let to a boil. boil for 30 seconds then pour into small serving pots/glasses. put into fridge for 1-2 hours before serving.

I've served this with both raspberry sauce and passionfruit, both are very nice compliments. Thinking pomegranate would be good too.

vegan pannacotta

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Elephant's Child said...

Interesting. I have never added liquorice to anything, but will consider it.

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