Tuesday, January 07, 2014

the fabulous happy coat

the most wonderful coat

The much awaited coat arrived today. When I unwrapped it it was a most gorgeous piece. The colour is amazing, someething between salmon pink and coral. When I tried it on it was clear we were made for eachother. A coat obviously designed by someone who knows the female body, what shapes and details that flatter and compliment. Seemingly simple, understated, timeless and simply marvellous design. Quality down to every detail.

The shoulders are not too wide, just perfect, the arm-length perfect, chest width leaving room for sweaters and movement. It looks great both buttoned up and open. The collar is adorable, the buttons cute, the length perfect, it has a fabulous swagger, more flared than A-shaped.

If you remember the lovely red coat worn by Martine McCutcheon in "Love Actually", it's very much in that style. And I adore it. I'm so happy the green duffle coat didn't fit. I'm actually glad I didn't find a red coat, because this colour is just stunning, totally inspiring and happiness instigating. Especially in this drab weather we're currently having.

It seems that Marimekko keeps bringing me perfect garments filled with joy (like last year's summer dress to mention but one other). Next time I'm looking for something smashing in timeless style, great fit and awesome colour I will remember to look at the Marimekko website first (because the selection in the Swedish shops is unfortunately rather meager).

the most wonderful coat

It wasn't a day for great photos, and I don't know if it's even possible to capture the colour right, but here are a few quick snaps of awesomeness.

What a fantastic way to start the year, I am so looking forward to spending many winter days and oh so many years in this coat. Glorious giddiness. We were simply meant to be together, the fabulous happy coat and I.


BlueBird said...

Pia, your coat is delicious! And the color is wonderful, makes me happy just look at it! I looove colorful coats in winter, never understood the boring "black coat, black jacket" thing. An I think I've just fell in love with the Muito Coat on sale on the marimekko website, but I've already bought two coats this winter and it seems marimekko doesn't ship to Italy... so, sadly, no new coat for me. Enjoy your new coat!

Unknown said...

Great looking coat. It is certainly a great way to wake up a dull winters day!

Elephant's Child said...

Gorgeous colour.

Marie said...

What a beautiful coat! A friend of mine bought a lovely turquoise A-line coat with a fine pink houndstooth check pattern through it (I think she got it in London) and like your coat, it's a crows stopper.

I'd dearly love a pretty winter coat, but alas I have a feral dog with really muddy paws who thinks I'm her personal doormat, so I opt for practical colours to match the muddy paw prints.

I was tempted by a red raincoat with white polka dots, but as I am "the mad lady with the dog treats in her pocket", every dog in town is eager to hop up on me, so again I went for a boring, sensible raincoat. *sighs enviously*

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