Thursday, January 16, 2014

soup season

broccoli soup

admittedly i'm not a great fan of soups, since i think crunchiness and chewing is such a pleasing part of good eating.

but a great, flavoursome bowl of soup now and then is quite nice. and it's so easy to make creamy, delightful vegan soups. the carrot soup i had last weekend was really lovely for example.
and the broccoli soup i made a few days ago wasn't too bad either. i regularly make a chickpea soup that's so easy peasy to make and filling. as is this lentil soup. potato and leak soup is a classic. and mushroom soup is very nice indeed. 

but when in the mood for cooking i rarely think 'wow, feel like making soup!', because crunchiness and chewing pretty much always win.

how about you, do you enjoy soups regularly?
do you have a favourite soup?
any simple recipe you'd like to share?


Marie said...

We love soups and eat them all of the time. I guess I favour ones based on pulses mostly. I tend to buy my pulses in dry form, cook them all at once, then store them in the freezer in "tin-sized" portions. I've discovered that there's approx 2½dl of beans/lentils/chickpeas in a tin here. So when a soup calls for a tin of beans, I just pull out a bag of my beans from the freezer and drop them into the soup.

Some soups I like are: La Sfarrata, Moroccan Chickpea Sopu, Coconut, Curry and Red Lentil Soup (I sometimes do a variation of this with peanuts in it) and Chunky Lentil Vegetable Soup.

Unknown said...

Soup, is one of the things I enjoy making. It is a wintertime staple. I do not make a lot of pureed type soups, so I get the crunchy texture. I made tomato and barley soup last week. But I do love Broccoli Soup and Bean Soup.

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