Tuesday, January 14, 2014

orange in snow

orange in snow
sometimes a really bright and flavoursome fruit is that little something that makes your day better.

i also find the wee stem here very endearing somehow.

this orange reminds me of that sweet fairytale story by elsa beskow called 'solägget' (the sun egg). do you know it?

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Marie said...

I know and love that story, as well as all of her illustrations! And orange is my all time favourite colour. For may years it was unfashionable, but I never cared and it became my signature colour.

I've been busy making candied peel with oranges, lemons and limes this week. Partly for the home made suet balls for the birdies (they need colourful goodies as well) but also as soon it's hot cross bun time and I can't get candied peel here.

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