Saturday, July 24, 2010

berlin drinking


Yesterday it was food, today time for the liquids in Berlin. Apart from a whole lot of water consumed - days with borderline +40 degrees C tend to demand that - there were other liquids had in Berlin. Apart from a few Berliner Weisses mainly a lot of ice teas and freshly squeezed juices - oh they are good at those, the Germans... - here are a few samples of things gulped down ~


The first of a few visits to Starbuck's - ah, for the love of free wi-fi - and some ice lattes - ok, but of course nothing like the best ones to be had at Baresso in Copenhagen... - this was a snack lunch. Those first days I could only eat soft stuff because the tooth-jaw was still sore, that delicious nutty-toffee-chocolate cake seen in pic is sadly not mine.

Freshly squeezed orange juice at Reinhard's
- heavenly

balzac ice latte at potsdamer platz

Ice latte from Balzac - German coffee chain which
I quite enjoy popping by. No free wi-fi though.


More freshly squeezed orange juice,
Café Einstein by Unter den Linden -
a place that offered a plethora of interesting
sights and people-browsing


Cappuccino and shared chocolatey cake at Berlin Story -
cappuccino nice cake not, dry, fruity, boring


Some kind of coconut-ish vegan drink at Hans Wurst -
it was creamy and de-lovely


Banana milkshake at local joint
- nice flavour but too milky
(obviously, but not chosen by me) for my taste

mango juice at hans wurst

Mango juice at Hans Wurst -
ah, more heavenly nectar


Caffe latte and shared chocolate cake
at Café Einstein by Checkpoint Charlie -
latte was nice, cake not so much

One of more ice teas at Starbuck's -
main reason for that see above


Vegan mango shake at Yellow Sunshine -
simply wonderful


As we began our week where we started it, breakfast at Café im Literaturhaus, the last drinks I had in Berlin was the ones I began with; a perfectly nice cappuccino and the unusual and sweet perk-me-upper as in a freshly squeezed carrot-apple juice (I think a fruit-press might be high on my wish-list now).


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