Saturday, July 03, 2010

summery swedish chocolates


Last summer it was strawberry in chocolate - and it was heavenly, sadly limited edition only - past winter it was Winter, Toffee-Walnut and Yoghurt-Raspberry.

Now the classic Swedish chocolate brand Marabou offers two new-ish chocolates. One is polka-chocolate - mixing another classic Swedish candy "polkagris" (peppermint rock candy) with chocolate - and as I don't like candy canes at all I thought it would be quite unpleasant, but somehow the crispy peppermint bits has found their perfect match with this smooth milk chocolate, it tastes just lovely. Mmm, Marabou. With its fantastic park.


The other flavour (limited edition summer only) is called passion, as in passion fruit - chili. And tastes quite the opposite to the polka. Too sweet and, just like blackcurrant tea, with a very unpleasant tang of cat-pee - no I haven't tasted cat pee as such but I'd dare say my nostrils are experts on cat pee scents and has graciously translated the scent into flavour for my taste buds. So trust me, this is exactly what cat pee would taste like. Not nice. Nope - and I can't see how anyone could feel any positive passion about this flavour. No, all chocolate definitely isn't good chocolate, far from.


And then there's Daim bar (also a classic Swedish chocolate, originated in the 1950ies), the croquante crunchy toffee covered in milk chocolate. Of which I'm no fan either, I don't appreciate its texture and I think it's far too sweet. But I did have a bite just to see how the limited summer edition flavour with pear and mint tasted. As far as Daim goes it was a rather nice combo, bit fruity, tad minty.

Although if I my sweet tooth demands crunchy mint chocolate I'd of course go for the Polka by Marabou.


K_Bom said...

Hi Pia, I really enjoy reading your blog. My sister and brother in law have moved to Lulea and we regularly send them over the classic Australian chocolate from "Cadbury's". They swear it's better than anything they can get in the Swedish shops - although this could have something to do with homesickness I'm sure. I would love to send you some to sample if you're game!? Email me:

itsksheff said...

yum yum yum.
want that candy asap.
check ouuut my blog.

Pia K said...

thank you, karen for your sweet (no pun intended:) offer! we do have cadbury's in sweden too, but i know same brand tastes different depending on country they sell in. i usually love swedish chocolate (not a fan of american or the imho overrated belgina stuff though), but with age i tend to think most sweets/chocolate is too sweet for my liking. little goes a long way. anyway. can i get back to you on your kind offer, right now and in this heat i haven't really the urge for chocolate or sweets of any kind...

thanks for visiting, itsksheff!

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