Tuesday, July 13, 2010

newly bathed loaf

newly bathed loaf

Loaf dog extraordinaire has had his bath - bathing is something he usually endures stoically but not enjoys, with this heat though I do suspect he found it quite invigorating - and is now off to day-care and meeting lots of new exciting peeps.

Us not so furry ones are of to enjoy a bit of heat relief on the seas, I hope for lots of fresh winds and more reasonable temperatures, good walks (on land not water), lovely sights and refreshing coffee shop stops. And possibly some tales to blog tell upon arriving home.

Have a tail wagging good day!

1 comment:

Kea said...

Loaf dog looks cute as can be, after his bath. :-)

Have a lovely day by the sea!

I used to live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and we were right on the Atlantic Ocean, so jaunts down to the south shore, along the Lighthouse Route, always were fabulous. And very picturesque. :-)

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