Friday, July 02, 2010

fortune favors the brave


I spotted these quirky earrings in the swoondimples shop on Etsy recently. As I am a sucker for good quotes and have a serious crush on Heather Wynn's jewellery - one of the first earrings I bought when I finally got my ears pierced where a pair of still-favourite bird ones from her - I knew they were for my ears. Delightfully made with hand stamped polymer clay and hand forged sterling ear wires, they are very sweet indeed.

And as I really badly need some good and special fortune in my life now - oh it sure is way overdue -, maybe these will nudge me in the right direction. Now, the question is, where do I find me some bravery?

Have a lovely weekend all well-deserving beings, may fortune be with you ~


P.K said...

...and also with you. Wishing you a happy July.

mangocheeks said...

They made me smile. I am sure they look good on you. I am off to see if there is anything there for me.

Pia K said...

thank you, p.k.

i do hope you found a treat for yourself, mangocheeks.

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