Friday, July 09, 2010

auto trash bags


As once upon a time mentioned I don't have a car (but I dream about a special someone) - and by no means will have one in a foreseeable future - but I am regularly a car passenger and something that can indeed annoy me is all those little bits of this and that trash appearing and usually nowhere to put them while on the road.

Heureka, I found some car trash bags on Etsy (where else as usual) are both perfectly cute AND very useful, the sturdy, pretty answer to the car trash issue.

These four cute car trash bags from Allyson Hill aka The Mod Mobile are two for keeps and two for gifts. Receivers should be very pleased with nifty, quirky gifts me thinks. Me hopes.



Poppy Q said...

What a sweet idea for presents Miss P, and they look so pretty hanging on your line. Which ones will you keep?

Julie Q

Pia K said...

the red quilt-style (adorable) to the left and the blue animals are the keepers, julie.

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