Friday, July 30, 2010

what i've been missing

Apart from the sleeping in own bed (ahhhh), the using of one's own bathroom and toilet facilities (sigh), the making of a decent cup of tea and cooking of food in own's own kitchen (bliss) here are a few phenomenas I've been missing while away -

The snoring little loaf and the homely but not very neat garden.
Shabby chic is a phrase that comes to mind.
(With possible emphasis on shabby.)

cuddle me

The dotty tummy of someone
in desperate (always) need of a good cuddle.


This year's new visitor to the hedgehog drop inn. This is one tiny tiny fella, totally oh and ah adorable, who has to share the offerings with much larger pricklies. S/he eats a lot, because the growth rate from first seen by housesitter until now is pretty steep.

Note to self though, what goes in to hedgehog from one end does come out the other. And preferably it seems oh so close to where the intake takes place. Apart from that, it's peachy and flattering to have hedgehog visits.

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