Thursday, July 15, 2010

mid-july day stockholm

I had an awesome day today. Nothing world-turning happened, it was still darn, exhaustingly hot, phew, but still I had some lovely encounters, met some good peeps, some sweet beings, had some good food, managed to snatch up some finds at the summer sales and just generally enjoying the prettiness of the city I call my home and yes life in general.

I do heart those days, because to be honest most days are far from that. Unfortunately. Or perhaps not so unfortunate since when they do happen I do appreciate and treasure them so very much. They are special, for no specific reason, and they are good to be remembered when things, life, days are not so sunny, funny, rosy, posy.

So from the morning's hairdresser's appointment (to cover up all those gray hairs that are the result of those not-so-rosy days), relaxing chit-chats and the pretty simplicity of a water glass with a bobbling strawberry...

016 a lovely lunch at Kafe Kajak - wheatberry salad with grilled vegetables, it was a rather measly portion from a vegetarian point of view and slightly over-priced but for the unnecessary and over-generously sprinkled sea salt on top it was delicious and a perfect plate of summer - the cooling breezes, the sun seeping through the foliage,

view under a bridge

the glorious views over our Scandinavian capital and the cute little dog that was a part of the establishment by the water made the time spent there most pleasant indeed.

let me in

The dessert that followed later was simple bliss, as in organic ice-cream - at a place that clearly needs a post of its own! - chocolate and rhubarb for me, thank you very much.

18 smaker

Followed by a shoe per diem moment with a smooth and delicious caffe latte - which I haven't treated myself to for about a month or so, and now I do fear I'm having a caffeine rush and won't be able to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. Ah well, with the smeltery indoors I would most probably not be able to anyway -

shoe per diem july 15, 2010

Not even the massive commuter train delays - too too tiresome, too too common - that followed could really dampen my most agreeable equanimity mood and when I came home I was not only met by a very happy loaf and his fellow felines,

hedgehog 2010

finally there was also this season's hedgehog - not the greenie kind - waiting to be caught on pic. S/he then got a generous serving of cat food de luxe. Because this hedgehog drop-inn is a top notch establishment.

I wish for more such days of sweet perfect details in the world of undersigned. Now that would be treasured bliss.


Anonymous said...

glad you had an awesome day! lovely photos as usual.

Kea said...

What a glorious day you had! I wish you more days like that--I wish us all more days like that! :-)

Poppy Q said...

Ohhhh Miss P, I am jealous of your summery photos. It is rainy here and coolish, and like you I am off to the hairdresser to get the greys covered up. So my el Naturalista clogs will have to stay in the cupboard, and instead it will be my boots I am putting on.

Have a lovely weekend, treat yourself.

Julie Q

Pia K said...

thanks you, paz, kea and julie for your sweet comments (as usual:)!

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